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April 14 - Solutions for Untapped Talent at Work & PsychArmor Partnership

APRIL 14, 2020
2:00 - 3:00 p.m.
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The world of work is changing. Good culture is good business. HR possesses the power to transform work in pursuit of true societal change. The SHRM Foundation is on a mission to mobilize the power of HR by:
1. Recognizing differences that make workplaces stronger and building inclusive cultures where we all succeed.
2. Developing the next generation of HR leaders who will ensure sustained growth for people and organizations.
3. Building upon established thought leadership with new research that offers scalable, evidence-based HR solutions for organizations or all sizes and types.

As the philanthropic affiliate of the world’s largest professional HR society with access to more than 300,000 members representing 80,000 organizations and impacting 4 out of 5 workers (115 million workers a day) the SHRM Foundation has developed and will develop solutions and resources for HR professionals to hire and retain untapped pools of talent with high potential to succeed in the workplace.
Resources for Untapped Pools of Talent

The SHRM Foundation has produced content, tangible tools and certificates, or is in the process of producing these resources, for the following audiences:
1. Veterans at Work, military spouses and care givers
2. Employing Abilities @ Work
3. Getting Talent Back to Work for individuals with criminal backgrounds
4. The Next Generation of HR Leaders

OVER 50% OF VETERANS HAVE TROUBLE FINDING WORK. This staggering statistic inspired the SHRM Foundation to launch the SHRM Foundation’s Veterans at Work initiative in 2017. This initiative is a commitment to giving HR professionals the tangible tools and resources they need to recruit, hire and retain members of the military community (in 2020, to include spouses and caregivers). Since launching in November 2018, over 10,000 HR professionals have registered for the Veterans at Work certificate program sponsored by Comcast NBCUniversal. In partnership with PsychArmor Institute and subject matter experts at the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, the SHRM Foundation developed the content for this certificate program, which is accompanied by the guidebook that provides the business case for hiring veterans – The Recruitment, Hiring and Retention & Engagement of Military Veterans by Deborah Bradbard and James Schmeling (SHRM Foundation, 2018.) Through this certificate program, HR professionals, hiring managers and frontline supervisors are learning best practices associated with attracting, hiring and retaining these talented professionals and the skills veterans bring to the civilian workplace.

JP Morgan Chase, The USAA Foundation and Prudential have supported the SHRM Foundation’s efforts to develop tools and veteran-specific events to provide additional, high-quality, no-cost resources to aid veteran employment at each stage of the employer life cycle – employer readiness; talent acquisition; hiring and onboarding; talent development and talent mobility.

Future training in 2020 will incorporate best practices in employing military spouses and caregivers. Military spouses and caregivers also face steep employment challenges and their unemployment and underemployment are significantly impacting the entire military community. To educate HR professionals on how to serve this population best, the SHRM Foundation will also provide a similar certificate program targeted to help engage and advance the loved ones of active –duty military service members and veterans.

The certificate program is open to all, and as an additional bonus, SHRM-CP and SHRM-CP credential holders can earn 10 professional development credits (PDCs) toward recertification. To learn more about this multi-faceted program, visit shrmfoundation.org/veterans

PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES ARE TWICE AS LIKELY TO BE UNEMPLOYED. Meaningful change must happen for people with disabilities in the workplace and in order to better understand this change, the SHRM Foundation partnered with the Workplace Initiative by Understood and SHRM to launch new research in October of 2019. The Employing Abilities @Work Research Report examines the following: understanding of disability in the workplace; attitudes and opinions around disabilities in the workplace; disability inclusion initiatives; recruitment of those with disabilities; accessibility and accommodation; and training and capacity building. This research reveals the limited knowledge companies have around employees with disabilities, how to best support this high potential labor force and what can be done to be inclusive of people with disabilities at work. The unemployment rate for individuals with disabilities is almost double that of peers without disabilities (6.1% vs 3.2% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics from September 2019) and this initiative aims to expand awareness of employment challenges and strengthen the skills and abilities of professionals to hire, retain and advance this high potential labor force.

In 2020, as the nation celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the SHRM Foundation will launch three programs activating key research that will help employers strengthen the skills and abilities of their employees to effectively recruit, develop, advance and retain individuals with disabilities. The three programs include: a free, multi-faceted certificate program; Innovation Grants to drive local programming with SHRM state councils and chapters; and recruitment and training of Inclusion Captains who will lead educational programs in their community.
The certificate program will be free of charge and multi-faceted. To learn more about this program and the upcoming work this year (2020), visit shrmfoundation.org/employingabilities.org.

NEARLY 700,000 PEOPLE ARE RELEASED FROM PRISON EACH YEAR AND 75% OF THESE PEOPLE WILL REMAIN UNEMPLOYED FOR MORE THAN A YEAR. Those who have served their time should not be “re-sentenced” by employers, especially when businesses are experiencing a human capital crisis. In response to the First Step Act becoming law, the Getting Talent Back to Work movement is the next step to getting those with criminal histories a fair chance at employment. The Getting Talent Back to Work movement, led by SHRM and the SHRM Foundation, aims to end outdated, non-inclusive hiring practices. SHRM has launched a website and online toolkit that businesses and HR leaders can utilize to implement strategies to recruit and retain applicants with criminal records confidently. The toolkit equips HR professionals with the latest research, evidence-based best practices and industry guidance needed to reduce legal liability and increase inclusive hiring from this untapped talent pool. Almost 2,000 business leaders and 600 organizations have pledged to consider these candidates and offer those that qualify a second chance. With generous funding from the Lumina Foundation and Anonymous Philanthropy, the SHRM Foundation plans to expand this initiative to include a refined website, a Digital Huge and a guidebook for HR professionals. The SHRM Foundation will also develop and launch a certificate program with more robust content and additional training opportunities.
To take the pledge and download the toolkit, visit shrmfoundation/gettingtalentbacktowork.org

In early 2020, SHRM Foundation, in partnership with SHRM, will identify and commit new resources to its Student Engagement Strategy and will leverage professional networking and employment opportunities for those seeking to join the profession of HR. SHRM Foundation will launch targeted efforts to support state councils and chapters, our academically aligned colleges and universities and academic advisors with new resources to recruit and cultivate students around the country. In 2019 alone, the SHRM Foundation distributed over $500,000 in scholarships and awards to those seeking SHRM certification, learning and networking opportunities at SHRM conferences or undergraduate and graduate degrees and we will continue to grow those opportunities.

Through a collaborative partnership between PsychArmor, SHRM Foundation, and Comcast NBCUniversal, the Veterans at Work Certificate Program was created to educate human resources professionals, hiring managers, and front-line supervisors on military culture. The certificate provides competencies in the following areas: the Value of Veteran talent, Hiring and Retention best practices, and Professional Development.

PsychArmor’s short, self-paced videos are great resources for employers who are invested in Veteran talent. We partner with nationally-recognized subject matter experts to create and deliver high-quality courses about issues relevant to the military and Veteran communities. Sponsored by Comcast NBCUniversal, the following courses are available for any employer, supervisor, human resources recruiter, co-worker, or anyone else who spends time with Veterans in the workplace.

These online courses cover a variety of topics, including how military training endows Veterans with skills and leadership traits that make them an asset in the workplace. Other courses cover topics such as: reviewing resumes, interviewing Veterans, and creating a work environment that supports Veteran employees.

Since the program’s launch in 2018, over 5,600 learners have enrolled in the certificate program resulting in over 44,000 course completions. The certificate program has become a critical resource for human resource professionals to obtain training and education that will ultimately improve the hiring and retention practices for military connected individuals.

- Learn about SHRM's initiatives to inspire and empower HR professionals
- Contribute to the conversation around the next generation of HR leaders
- Sign up for SHRM Foundation's specialty certificate programs - 10 PDCs are awarded to those who complete a program
-Review competencies in the following areas: the Value of Veteran talent, Hiring and Retention best practices

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Tina Atherall is a social innovation strategist with a concentration in non-profit management, community development, and advocacy. She obtained her Doctor of Social Work (DSW) from the University of Southern California Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work focusing on the 12 Grand Challenges for Social Work to eradicate social isolation. She is the CEO of PsychArmor Institute and works extensively with communities educating and advocating for critical support for those who have served and their families. Tina has advanced certificates in nonprofit leadership, human-centered design facilitation, military family readiness, military social work, and is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator. She is an Associate Adjunct Professor at Columbia University School of Social Work.


Wendi Safstrom, Executive Director of the Society for Human Resource Management Foundation (SHRM Foundation), is a senior non-profit leader committed to serving the public through philanthropic program management, cultivating strategic partnerships and managing and developing high performing teams. Safstrom is well versed in association and nonprofit management, with experience in membership and product development, donor strategy and stewardship and communications. At SHRM Foundation, she leads the development and implementation of programmatic, development, and PR./communication strategies in support of SHRM Foundation's mission – mobilizing the power of HR to lead positive social change impacting work, workers and the workplace.

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Banish Burnout: How to Engage EQ to Manage Stress & Prevent Burnout  with Janice Litvin
Two thirds of American workers are approaching burnout. Furthermore, in May, 2019 the World Health Organization named burnout an official medical diagnosis, explaining it as "a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed." Learn how to prevent burnout in yourself and others by understanding how to recognize and reframe your reactions to stress cognitively based on the work of Dr. Albert Ellis, who in the 1960's developed a methodology called cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). PDC: 1
Recorded March 18, 2020

Intro to SHRM Essential to Human Resources
 with Terry Welker, SHRM-SCP
SHRM Essentials of Human ‭Resources provides foundational HR Knowledge and ‭incorporates components of the SHRM BoCK. It provides insights into the standards for knowledge, ‭strategies and competencies required of effective ‭HR professionals around the world. This one-hour introductory course will provide an overview of what to expect from the full, 2-day course by covering all six key HR topics, but not diving deep into any one specific topic (that will have to wait for the actual class!) PDC: 1
Recorded February 27, 2020

A Mind, Body and Spirit Approach to Corporate Wellness
 with Jennifer Cassetta
Tight deadlines, long hours and increasing demand over time can create burnout for your already stressed employees. Implementing a mind, body and spirit approach to corporate wellness is the only solution for sustainable results. The goals of a holistic program include creating an environment to support peacefulness in order for productivity to flow, a nutrition program that feeds energy and starves stress and systems for employees to feel supported and acknowledged. Health and empowerment coach, Jennifer Cassetta, will give you science-backed takeaways to help you and your employees THRIVE, not just survive.. PDC: 1
Recorded January 21, 2020

Emotional Intelligence: It's Not an Oxymoron with Susan Schwartz
Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a powerful tool for 21st Century HR professionals. At its core, EI is not about feelings -- it is a paradigm through which people view and react to the business world around them. Hear Susan Schwartz with River Birch Group introduce the core elements of the EQ-I 2.0 Emotional Intelligence model and demonstrates how HR professionals can transform hard to measure skills sets people hone to become expert in the areas of talent acquisition, recruitment, and retention into tangible professional development plans. PDC: 1
Recorded November 20, 2019

Hot Legal Issues to Watch For Leading to 2020
with Jason Geller
As we approach the end of 2019, there are several issues that will remain topical going into 2020. One is the recent Dynamex decision relating to independent contractor/employee classification. This will have far reaching implications for California workplaces. Other hot issues are the continuing debate over the use of arbitration agreements in the employment context and an update on the training requirements under the Me Too era. The program will also cover some of the bills that will be on the Governor’s desk to sign or veto in October. PDC: 1
Recorded September 21, 2019

Active Shooter Response and How to Prepare your Organization
with Ryan Searles
We often associate active shooter incidents with schools, but most people aren’t aware that active shooter incidents happen at businesses twice as often. These events can dramatically impact operations, lives, and communities. While we may feel as though we have no control over this alarming trend, organizational leaders are obligated to prepare their organizations to respond if faced with such a situation. In this session, we’ll discuss how to gather, assess, and synthesize external environmental information related to active shooter incidents to ultimately guide your organization through strategic decisions that will improve the company’s competitive advantage to stay in business, should such a tragic event occur. Attendees will gain knowledge regarding best available risk management strategies regarding this topic, including avoidance, mitigation, and acceptance. PDC: 1
Recorded August 21, 2019

Ambidexterity: How Is It Tied To Effective Sourcing & Talent Pipeline Development
with Nicole Jackson, PhD

Today's economy has placed increasing demand on companies to be both efficient and innovative. Yet, how can companies manage both successfully and especially in the talent and innovation driven economy? Moreover, how might companies retain investments in historical practices that may still work but require incremental refinement? In strategy, managing for this duality requires attention to two general paradigms to capture value - called "ambidexterity". On the one hand, companies need to look to their past competencies as a basis of stability and compliance. On the other hand, they need to build for innovative and resourceful employees and leaders to execute change and tap newer markets. This course will introduce what ambidexterity is, how to identify it in organizations, and most importantly how to evaluate and assess for ambidexterity in the talent and sourcing pipeline as part of HR and business strategy implementation. PDC: 1
Recorded on July 24, 2019

Getting Talent Back to Work: Second Chances for Those with Criminal Records with Jon Decoteeau
Every single year, almost ¾ of a million men and women are released from prison and seek to enter the workforce. Yet despite the growing need among U.S. employers for workers, applicants with a criminal record often face huge obstacles to achieving gainful employment. 
As the nation reaches nearly full employment, business leaders and human resources professionals are considering this previously overlooked population for the first time as a source for workers. In fact, job applicants with criminal records are proving to be a viable workplace solution for many organizations.

Hear from Jon Decoteau, SHRM-SCP, SHRM Divisional Director West, explains SHRM's Getting Talent Back To Work initiative and provides an overview of our Getting Talent Back To Work Toolkit which has the information, guidance, and tools needed for businesses to hire confidently from this untapped labor pool and make a real social impact. PDC: 1

Recorded on June 18, 2019

How to Win at Immigration in the Age of Trump 
with Sophie Alcorn
Businesses sponsoring immigrants face new challenges every day under the Trump administration. The implications affect your personnel of you are in technology, life sciences, or beyond. This program will cover the basics of immigration law and recent trends for H-1B visas, green cards, audits, and more. Learn what to ask every employee to make sure they have all of their immigration law needs met - and learn what red flags to spot if they haven’t with attorney Sophie Alcorn.

Recently the presidential administration has been focusing on targeting Silicon Valley employers with raids and audits. How can CEOs, General Counsel, and HR successfully recruit and retain the necessary talent while keeping up with legal changes? Join us for an overview of immigration processes, and updates on immigration in the news.. PDC: 1
Recorded on May 21, 2019

Making Difficult Conversations, Safe Conversations with Lorie Reichel-Howe
Strained working relationships result in lowered productivity, employee underperformance and negative workplace culture. When managers and teams engage in “safe conversations,” they can effectively address tough workplace issues quickly and confidently. Whether those issues be challenging team dynamics, mismanaged expectations or good old-fashioned bad behavior, this training will transform how you uncover and deal with hidden workplace issues.Foster greater innovation, inclusion and collaboration by safely dialoguing about behaviors that hinder success with speaker Lorie Reichel-Howe with Conversations In The Workplace. PDC: 1
Recorded on April 24, 2019

All You Need To Know About SHRM Certification
Learn all about becoming SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP certified, from how to complete the exam application to what’s covered on the exams and how to prepare. Earning your SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP credential makes you a recognized expert and leader in the HR field—and a valuable asset to your organization, keeping you and your organization more competitive in today's economy. This professional distinction sets you apart from your colleagues, proving your high level of knowledge and skills. This webcast will cover the SHRM Certification—competency-based, relevant, universally applicable, focused on advancement, strategic, accredited and backed by SHRM. * No Professional Development Credit (PDC) for this webcast
Recorded on February 13, 2019

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