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    • COVID-19 VACCINATION RESOURCES: Find everything you need here.

    • CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) INFORMATION: SHRM & SHRM Northern California are here to help with up-to-the-minute resources to guide you and your workplace during this crisis. Visit our COVID-19 content center here.

    • PEOPLE MANAGE QUALIFICATION (PMQ): 1 in 3 workers say their managers can’t lead a team. With the SHRM PMQ leadership skills your managers can help to rev up productivity and revitalize workplace culture. The SHRM PMQ is a self-paced, virtual learning experience that uniquely combines interactivity, gamification and edutainment to engage learners and build solid people management and team leadership skills. Learn More.

    • BETTER WORKPLACES CHALLENGE CUP: Moving forward takes innovation. Advancing our profession takes creative minds. Bringing creativity to life takes resources. ParagonLabs, powered by SHRM, is hosting a workplace tech search for the most pioneering, ground-breaking, original ideas that will reinvent how we do work. Learn More and Apply.

    • FREE GETTING TALENT BACK TO WORK CERTIFICATE PROGRAM: The SHRM Foundation Getting Talent Back to Work certificate program–developed for HR professionals, hiring managers, and front-line supervisors–is a multi-faceted program from the SHRM Foundation and brought to you with generous support from the Lumina Foundation. This FREE program is specifically designed to equip you with the actionable knowledge and tools needed to attract, hire, and retain individuals with criminal and conviction records. Get Started Today.

    • WHEN I GROW UP – MEMBERSHIP MARKETING CAMPAIGN: Every year, businesses lose millions of dollars in productivity and lose out on top talent because of toxic work environments. At SHRM, we’re committed to correcting this problem by providing the HR and management tools you need to develop more equitable and inclusive workplaces—for today’s workers and those who follow in their footsteps. Let us show you the way. Become a Member.

    • TOGETHER FORWARD@WORK: It’s time for equality for all, across every area of society. That’s why SHRM has introduced Together Forward @Work, a call to action to bring racial equity to the workplace—the place we know best and have served the longest. And a place where we, our members, and our business community can bring our unique professional talents to stand together against all forms of social injustice.

    • OVERCOMING WORKPLACE BIAS RESOURCE PAGE: All workers have the right to equal opportunity in employment, free from discrimination, prejudice and bias. Encompassing more than legal compliance, HR’s role in equal opportunity at work has the capacity to change lives and society. Look here for resources to help you navigate this crucial work.

    • TUNE-IN TUESDAYS: Starting in July, on the second Tuesday of each month, we’ll be presenting new, best-in-class programming that you’d expect to see on the stages of SHRM’s Annual Conference & Expo during “Tune in Tuesdays,” a brand-new digital series of interactive episodes.

    • PREPARE NOW FOR A RETURN TO WORK: A toolbox to build a new world of work: visit resources here.

    • FREE EMPLOYING ABILIITES @ WORK CERTIFICATE PROGRAM: The SHRM Foundation, in partnership with the Workplace Initiative By Understood, has launched this initiative to strengthen the skills and abilities of professionals to hire, develop, advance and retain individuals with disabilities in their workplace. Learn more today.

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