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  • Pregnancy Leave

    Posted in: Northern California

    How much time off is given in CA, in total?  PDL, FMLA, CFRA, SDI, PFL............... ​​ ------------------------------ Tanya ------------------------------

  • PTO

    Posted in: Northern California

    ​​We offer 15 days of PTO, accrued per pay period.  Every January we ask/require everyone to schedule 10 days vacation.  One point being that everyone really NEEDS to take time off and the scheduling of 10 days out of 15 helps with running a productive operation.  During the year if someone calls in sick they use PTO; if they want/need to leave early, ...

  • Posted in: Northern California

    I have an employer who wishes to provide different benefits to different employees. For example - Non-exempt hourly ee get different holidays than exempt salaried ee. Is there a problem with this? ------------------------------ Linda Goerzen LG Consulting Group, LLC Lakeside CA ------------------------------

  • RE: Final Pay

    Posted in: Northern California

    We have done this a few times and each time they receive a check for the full amount on the day of their termination. We were told many years ago by our attorney to "be on the safe side" rather than not. You do not want a disgruntled employee going out the door if you don't have to. ------------------------------ Cathy Clement SHRM-CP Ewing-Foley, ...

  • RE: Final Pay

    Posted in: Northern California

    Hello Myra, Yes all terminations in California a final paycheck has to be issued including any vacation accrued the day of termination. Here is the link to DIR for a reference https://www.dir.ca.gov/dlse/FAQ_Paydays.htm Hope this helps. Monica ------Original Message------ A friend of mine was terminated today, ...

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