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    The SHRM Northern California Community  is excited to announce that we have partnered with the team at Work Rebooted to bring the future of work right to your backdoor.  Our very own SHRM President & CEO, Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. SHRM SCP, will by presenting a Keynote on "The Future of Work is Now."  Also,  our SHRM Chief Human Resources Officer, Sean ...

  • Posted in: Northern California

    I'm seeking referrals from our HR Community for Executive Coaches.  Have you partnered with anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area that you would recommend to coach C Suite or other high level leaders?  I work in the Construction Industry for a mid size general contractor.  All leads are much appreciated. Best regards, ------------------------------ ...

  • Posted in: Northern California

    I would be interested in the Mediation training and would like more information if it becomes a reality!  ------------------------------ Patricia Riley SHRM-CP Pacwest Solutions Pleasanton CA ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Northern California

    I am the accidental HR person (on top of other finance & admin leaderships responsibilities) at a small nonprofit working with organizations in Africa. We have a diverse staff located in North America and Africa. Recently we had a staff retreat. After the final dinner a group continued a conversation after the rest of the staff left the table. The remaining ...

  • Posted in: Northern California

    Our company is wanting to hire an employee on as hourly and "full time", but we know with this position there may be some weeks where the work flow is slow and there will not be enough work for the employee to work full days or even a full week.  Does anyone have advice on how to set up the offer letter to reflect this?   I assume for those slower weeks ...

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